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Kevin Newcomb analyzes Google’s recent distribution deals and, with the help of the marketers he spoke to, concludes marketers are not wowed by the deals.

I beg to differ. Too many marketers look at how these distrubution deals will help increase “click” inventory, when they should be looking at the bigger picture. It’s not just about how many more clicks advertisers will receive from these deals – although that is important – but these deals allow search marketers to reach channels that were previously closed to them.

Google is, in effect, helping search marketers to increase their value and reach. The more diverse the distribution deals are, the more we can offer our clients. Traditional agencies have held a tight grip on radio, print and TV. If Google et al continue to sign-up traditional channel partners, search marketers will be able to bypass finicky agencies and provide real value, directly to their clients.

If you want to stay blinkered and focused on just search, go ahead. But don’t ignore the potential to become a one-stop shop for advertisers looking to throw a wide net, yet get targeted, measurable results. The power is shifting!