Posted August 15, 2006 5:45 pm by with 0 comments

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Rand Fishkin has done it again! He’s created yet another link-tractor-beam, designed to get us search bloggers linking to him.

This time, Rand has listed out his Top 50 search bloggers, in order of who he reads and admires the most.

I’m on the list at #11 – in a scary sandwich of Robert Scoble and Jeremy Zawodny (I know, not a pretty picture)- so I thought I’d give him a link. I’m sure that the fact I happened to sit across from Rand during dinner recently, has nothing to do with my ranking. 😉

BTW, Rand? Do you ever stop thinking about linkbait? Rumor has it that at the SES bar, someone asked “Who wants a drink?” and you thought they said “Who wants a link?” and ordered a PageRank 9! 😉

P.S. Barry’s offered his list of favorites too.