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It looks like YouTube is taking its first steps towards offering ads at the popular video sharing site.

According to ClickZ, the first ads include a plug for the film “Pulse” and Paris Hilton promoting her new album (imagine that, a Paris Hilton video where she keeps her clothes on!)

The placements are part of a new set of ad products the company has developed to entice marketing partners. These aim to inject ads into the community lifeblood of the site rather than isolate them from it, and come in two flavors: Participatory Video Ads (PVAs) and Brand Channels.

YouTube is not straying from the formula that has helped its success. Viewers are able to rate and comments on Paris Hilton ads. Keeping the community involved is key, if YouTube expects them to tolerate advertising.

In case you are interested – and if you are, there’s medication available to help you – here’s the Paris ad…