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You know a search engine is in trouble when Danny Sullivan declares “I frankly stopped caring about it two years ago”.

That’s the not-so-kind tag given to former search giant, Lycos. The company has certainly falling very far from favor – it’s value dropping from $12.5 billion in 2000 to $105 million in 2004 – but, with a new CEO, the company hopes to re-brand itself as video content provider.

As CNET reports

Lycos is set to debut a new Web application in the fall, though [CEO] Tolle is only saying it will combine aspects of film downloads and distribution with community and social networking. That sounds like a mish-mash of social networking leader and hot video-uploading site YouTube, along with DVD home delivery firm Netflix.

So there you go folks, old search engines never die, they just re-invent themselves over and over and over….