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Finally, a new concept that I can relate to – The Fat Belly.

Not familiar with the concept? Robert Young explains that The Fat Belly resides between the “head” and “long tail” of any market. Here’s the example he uses…

Take a look at Digg’s technology section. All the articles in the Big Head received about 250,000 votes in total vs. estimated 2.5 million votes for the ones in the Long Tail. As for the Fat Belly, those stories got a whopping 10 million votes! Now that’s what I call a healthy “middle class.�?

Robert goes on to explain why The Fat Belly is key to the success of any industry. Just as in our economy – where we often talk about the ultra-poor and ultra-wealthy – it’s the middle class that keeps things moving along.

Via JBatt.

  • An interesting simile! And very funny too! Can’t wait for the next boardroom meeting to suggest that we do not have enough Fat Belly’s!!!