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ChaCha hopes to build a name for itself by offering human assistance with your next search query – think Yahoo Answers meets Wikipedia.

When it launched a couple of weeks ago, SEW reported that not just anyone could become a guide.

…you have to be “sponsored” (invited by an existing guide) and work your way up a hierarchy consisting of four levels.

Well, it looks like they scrapped that model already. Here’s a job listing I spotted today on Raleigh’s Craigslist…

ChaCha Search, Inc. is looking for Search Engine Guides. As a Search Engine Guide, your responsibility will be to aid customers called “InfoSeekers” in their quest for information through search engines. This is a telecommuting position which means you will be able to work from your home computer. Starting pay is $5.00/hr, but is increased to $10/hr when you have shown you are an adequate guide. If you would like more information about this position please send an e-mail with the subject line “Search Guide” and your first name as well as an e-mail address you can be reached at. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Anonymous

    I think that’s probably from a Guide looking for someone to sponsor.

  • Hey Andy,

    Our system is very much in tact! People get to invite as many people as they want, however, they can only invite 8 people at a time. As soon as one of those new Guides gets promoted to “Master” level the spot opens back up.

    This way we can not only ensure that our current Guides will only bring quality, hardworking Guides into the system, but the network from which they get a 10% bonus is more profitable.

    We’ve had a number of Guides soliciting the job as if they are the employer. This is unfortunate and ChaCha is not responsible for these posts. We are monitoring these now to make sure more information like that doesn’t proliferate.

    Thanks for making mentioin of us nonetheless! I hope this cleared up any confusion. Feel free to contact me at if you have any other questions.


    Justin Keller

  • Chacha is a cool concept. I tried it the other day and asked a guide to search for Wii Preorder sites, but the guide do not even know what is a Wii. The concept is cool but obviously, there’s more work to be done for matching guides to topics.

  • Gloria

    Hi! My name is Gloria and I’am interesting in being a guide. Please email me if there is still some job openings.
    Gloria 🙂

  • Amy

    Did you know that ChaCha has a toolbar you can download now so you can search with a Guide fast and easily? I got it and it is so cool!

  • I can Say I am a Master Guide I am looking for People to join my network and If you are interested then Please pm me @ this messenger Id:sweetnessbabygirl0203 or email me @ and Tell Me that you are interested in Joining my ChaCha Network and Becoming a Guide I will send you a Invite Invites are “Limited” I have 6 so Thats means I have six positions open for Guides Any Candidates out there ? who are interested I will pick the Best People to Join My Network “Serious Inquiries Only!!!”