Posted September 22, 2006 4:00 pm by with 1 comment

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If you’re going to write an article to pump Google’s stock price, could you at least try and give it a little substance?

I’m not going to “out” the journalist that just tried it with a story that was so empty of content, it included this classic statement…

I am not entirely sure what all this means, but I get the sense that with the addition of a few billion Web pages here and a few billion Web pages there, pretty soon we’ll be talking about some real Internet search capabilities.

Huh? Could you be a little more vague? Then I read the punchline…

Fool contributor XXXX…owns stock in Google.

…and he hopes to sell it next week, but needs just one more uptick before placing the order so please buy-in to his hype! 😉

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    Google stock price is an excellent “case study” how the redemption-less FAKE currency economy works and how the elite jews who control the banking suck the wealth of the society like a vampire by injecting redemption-less FAKE currency into the economic system.

    Inflation is the rate at which the rich gets richer!