Posted September 13, 2006 5:27 pm by with 3 comments

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While at Fortune Interactive, it was always fun to show off the LSI/LSA components of SEMLogic and then tell people they could only use it by becoming a client. Now it looks like Quintura is offering a similar tool for free.

Eric Myers explains how the tool works and also throws-in a layman’s guide to latent semantic indexing as well – or what he calls “magic words”. 😉

  • Fantastic, I played around with some other tool before that was free. But this tool is way way superiour. I think it will be of a lot of use.
    And what I love eaven more is that when I type in my
    best keyword the name of my company is on there. cool!
    Found this site on google page one bye the way.

  • sagbee link is not working, so better to remove the link or maybe we need really LSA free tool.

  • I’ve been finding a lot of amazing information about LSI and the gigantic difference in your rankings across a wide range of long-tail searches for just a few professionally articles.

    Thanks for the link to While it is an interesting way to search the web for information you want, I’m still on the lookout for a Latent Semantic Indexing where I can create a set of two and three word phrases for use in my article editing.