Posted September 1, 2006 9:37 am by with 1 comment

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AP is reporting a judge in Brazil has ordered Google to hand over user information of some Orkut users.

Federal Judge Jose Marcos Lunardelli gave Google Brazil 15 days to release information needed to identify individuals accused of using Orkut to spread child pornography and engage in hate speech against blacks, Jews and homosexuals.

Federal prosecutors claim they’ve requested the information on 38 different occassions without response. Google’s arguing that it doesn’t store any user information at its Brazilian office. The judge is not convinced…

But Lunardelli dismissed that argument on Thursday, writing in his decision that “it is not relevant that the data are stored in the United States, since all the photographs and messages being investigated were published by Brazilians, through Internet connection in national territory.”

Google’s attorney claims they are preparing the information requested. If they don’t meet the deadline, they face daily fines of $23 million, which could be a nice “little earner” for any South American company. 😉

  • callonme

    It’s good to know that the authorities are cracking down on the explosion of online pornography.. It makes me sick to think of all the perverts out there roaming cyberspace.. I really like what the DoJ is doing in conjunction with NCMEC’s Cybertipline.. really putting measures out there to curb these abuses.