Posted September 12, 2006 8:32 am by with 5 comments

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Ad network Miva is adding a new pay-per-click ad – in-line text links that show pop-up ad whenever a user mouses over them.

The service is called Miva InLine, and is similar to the type of ads already offered by IntelliTXT. As ClickZ reports:

When a user mouses over an InLine ad, a floating ad appears, showing the top-bidded pay-per-click ad from Miva’s advertisers for that keyword. Later this year, InLine ads will also include advertiser logos. Ads are clearly labeled, with a link to more detailed descriptions of the source of the ads.

I have mixed feelings over these ads. As a reader, I often get annoyed when I think I’m clicking a link, but instead clicking an ad. However, I can see the appeal for publishers, looking to monetize their content.

Anyone care to share their thoughts?

  • Brad

    I find those ads quite annoying. I especially dislike the ones tha launch a mini window with a text ad when you mouse over them. It usually prevents me from reading as it blocks out some of the text I was reading in the first place. I’ve never clicked on one, and probably won’t.

  • I hear ya. Nothing worse than thinking you’re clicking on the source of a news story, only to realize it’s an ad. 🙁

  • TMK

    Miva, I think is the larger problem than the concept. Miva always seems to be looking to do something that feels like it is taking advantage of a consumer, rather than something transparent where a consumer is making some type of educated choice about selecting a link.

  • Unfortunately, the consumer is not the target audience for Miva. They want to attract bloggers and other publishers, hungry to make money from their content.

  • Very interesting site!