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Google has just released a joint study with MarketCast that looks at the role of the internet in helping moviegoers decide where to spend their $10-15.

MarketCast found that 49% of moviegoers surveyed actively research a movie after first hearing about it; and of these, seven in ten go the Internet, typically using search engines like Google. MarketCast calls this influential segment “Moviegoing Infoseekers,” and found they account for about a third of respondents. “These are activist consumers, for whom the decision to see a movie is not made in a snap,” noted MarketCast’s Shapiro.

Clearly Google commissioned the study to prove to the film industry the importance of internet AdWords marketing.

“MarketCast’s research suggests a disparity between the influence of the Internet in driving consumers to theaters and the amount of marketing dollars spent online,” said David Fleck, Google’s Industry Marketing Manager, Media and Entertainment. “As marketers have a better understanding of the Internet and new advertising products become available, the Internet is becoming more effective at generating awareness and driving tickets sales.”