MySpace Generates More Retail Traffic than MSN Search

Perhaps Danny Sullivan should look at a new conference titled, MySpace Strategies, as news comes that the social networking site created more retail traffic than MSN Search!

The Hitwise report puts Yahoo! as the source of 4.69 percent of traffic to online retail sites, MySpace as 2.53 percent and MSN search at 2.33 percent for the week ending August 26th. Google leads the pack at 14.93 percent.

Obviously Google has the inside track, with their recently announced deal with the company. But what does this tell us about the feasibility of all the social networks popping-up? According to TechCrunch, it tells us a lot…

…the numbers go some distance towards proving that young people using social networking sites are interested in shopping through links on those sites. In fact, they’re more of a force to reckon with than MSN searchers apparently. And social networking sites can profit from on site advertising just like search engines can. All those startup social networking sites hoping to monetize their traffic with AdSense? Maybe it’s more realistic than we thought.