Posted September 13, 2006 10:14 am by with 1 comment

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Social media optimization is barely a buzzword, but that hasn’t stopped Omniture from adding a SMO tracking tools to its latest release of its SiteCatalyst web analytics package.

SiteCatalyst tracks incoming links to see how a site’s content is spread, how fast it ages and stops generating inbound links, and what day and time is most likely to generate interest from blogs and social networks.

Sounds neat, if I ever get to the point that I can afford any of Omniture’s solutions, I’ll give it a test drive and let you know what I think. Anyone using it?

ClickZ has more details.

  • I used to work for Omniture in their early startup days circa 1999 and have stayed in touch with friends there and the technology itself over the years. SiteCatalyst is definitely focused on the more sophisticated web marketer. For companies like eBay or Amazon the value is obvious and justifies not only the software itself but hiring one or more individuals whose sole job is to manage SiteCatalyst and work with a web marketing team to implement changes based on the data.

    Consultancies can get an account and resell the service to their clients, making it more cost effective that way. Don’t quote me, but I think you can get into Omniture on the base level for about $1,000 per month. The price increase depending on the amount of data. It’s a somewhat confusing pricing structure that makes more sense for Omniture than for their customers, but customers appear to be buying it nevertheless.

    If you have clients who are willing to pay multiple thousands per month for your services and who have sophisticated websites or are doing online commerce then I think Omniture is a great tool. However, many companies would not get great value from Omniture, not because the value isn’t there, but the time involved in learning how to use it effectively and the time involved in then actually using it effectively can easily lead to it being ignored. In other words, for many people a simple analytics package like Google’s is good enough. Heck, I think Google gives much more data than is required by most people.