Google to Offer SEO Training?

It appears Google is planning a seminar called, “Optimizing Your Websites for Google Search”, according to Lee Odden.

Cuttlet, Adam Lasnik, will be the presenter and the cost is just $30. Don’t expect to be taught the secrets to Google’s algorithm, but you can’t go wrong for thirty bucks!

The seminar is in DC and you can find details here.

UPDATE: Barry reports Adam Lasnik is disuading SEO’s from attending..

While I’m excited about this upcoming presentation to government manager folks — I think that the generally very-tech-savvy WebmasterWorld audience would be disappointed with the depth and focus of information presented. The primary emphasis will be on accessibility, not ranking, and the needs (and limitations) of government sites are often quite distinct from those of for-profit sites.

Embrace Your Fat Belly?

Finally, a new concept that I can relate to – The Fat Belly.

Not familiar with the concept? Robert Young explains that The Fat Belly resides between the “head” and “long tail” of any market. Here’s the example he uses…

Take a look at Digg’s technology section. All the articles in the Big Head received about 250,000 votes in total vs. estimated 2.5 million votes for the ones in the Long Tail. As for the Fat Belly, those stories got a whopping 10 million votes! Now that’s what I call a healthy “middle class.�?

Robert goes on to explain why The Fat Belly is key to the success of any industry. Just as in our economy – where we often talk about the ultra-poor and ultra-wealthy – it’s the middle class that keeps things moving along.

Google Faces Uphill Battle to Win Microsoft Office Fans

Last week, I expressed my own opinion on the difficulty Google will face trying to switch consumers from Microsoft Office to their alternative offering.

Today, eWeek dedicates an entire article to the challenges Google will face. The biggest obstacles?

1. Privacy fears
2. Cost of migration
3. Lack of synchronization with other apps

One year later…

… celebrates its first birthday. :-)

Google Image Labeler

An interesting tool from Google asks users to play a game where you and another player earn points by both correctly tagging images.

It’s an interesting way for Google to get its audience to help it better understand images.

Visit the Google Image Labeler or learn more at SEW.

Google Launches Russian Blog

I bet Sergey Brin is beside himself with excitement today, as Google launches its first Russian language blog.

It’s a riveting read, with algorithmic insights such as…

СегоднÑ? – День знаний, день, когда школьники возвращаютÑ?Ñ? за парты, а многие дети идут на Ñ?вой первый в жизни урок. Мы тоже решили отметить Ñ?тот день открытием первого официального блога – Google РоÑ?Ñ?иÑ?. ЕÑ?ли вы не знали, то раÑ?Ñ?казываем: Google пришел в РоÑ?Ñ?ию

We even learn how to get out of the Sandbox…

И вот теперь мы будем делать вÑ?е возможное длÑ? того, чтобы и другие программы принеÑ?ли в нашу повÑ?едневную жизнь что-то полезное и нужное – так, как Ñ?то Ñ?делано Ñ?ейчаÑ? в других Ñ?транах. Словом, вÑ?е, чтобы Ñ?оответÑ?твовать миÑ?Ñ?ии, которую провозглаÑ?или Ñ?оздатели компании: «Организовать мировую информацию и Ñ?делать ее универÑ?ально доÑ?тупной и полезной».

British Airways to Offer Google Earth Vacation Views

In attempt to lure more people to book their next flight with British Airways, the airline has added Google Earth imagery to their web site, reports Forbes.

“People have always enjoyed finding their own home on Google Earth and now they can see where they’ll be laying down their beach towel or enjoying après ski before they fly,” said Obi Felton, Google’s head of consumer marketing.

I hope they’ve censored some of those southern France beaches. Zoom too close and you might see some unexpected peaks, and I’m not talking about the Alps either. ;-)