Google Loses Belgian Court Appeal – Round 4

It looks like Google has lost its appeal to overturn a Belgian court ruling requiring the company to publish, in full, the first court ruling. Follow that?

Google plans to continue its appeals.

Publishers to Spend Half Million Dollars on a Robots.txt File

Good grief, Reuters is reporting a group of publishers are planning to spend $583,700 to find a way to prevent Google from indexing their content!

“Since search engine operators rely on robotic ‘spiders’ to manage their automated processes, publishers’ Web sites need to start speaking a language which the operators can teach their robots to understand,” according to a document seen by Reuters that outlines the publishers’ plans.

What the..?

Google already offers a way for a publisher to have their content removed. In addition, modify your Robots.txt file to disallow the search engines and you can donate that money to a charity that helps paranoid publishers! ;-)

Fools Pumping Google’s Stock

If you’re going to write an article to pump Google’s stock price, could you at least try and give it a little substance?

I’m not going to “out” the journalist that just tried it with a story that was so empty of content, it included this classic statement…

I am not entirely sure what all this means, but I get the sense that with the addition of a few billion Web pages here and a few billion Web pages there, pretty soon we’ll be talking about some real Internet search capabilities.

Huh? Could you be a little more vague? Then I read the punchline…

Fool contributor XXXX…owns stock in Google.

…and he hopes to sell it next week, but needs just one more uptick before placing the order so please buy-in to his hype! ;-) to Revamp Search Ads

MarketingVOX reports is planning to update its paid search platform in October, adding more control over daily search budgets and new reporting tools among other new features.

Could Ask also make a switch from its long-standing Google partnership?

IAC Chairman and CEO Barry Diller this week said…Ask might replace Google with Yahoo or MSN to power the non-Ask paid search ads.

Jim, Patrick, Paul, Bueller? Care to comment?

GM’s Saturn Turns to Google for New Ad Campaign

CNET reports

Google is teaming up with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco, an Omnicom Group agency known for offbeat creative work, on a project for one of the agency’s largest clients, the Saturn division of General Motors.

It looks like the days of Google selling just “text ads” are pretty much over.

Why Click Fraud is Still a Problem

Business Week has an extensive look at click fraud – yep, can’t go a month, without someone doing an expose on click fraud.

The article is lengthy, but well done. In it, you’ll find details of a mortgage company losing $100,000; highlights of “domain parking” and the poor quality clicks they generate; and a look at PTR (paid to read) networks.

This snippet sets the tone…

A BusinessWeek investigation has revealed a thriving click-fraud underground populated by swarms of small-time players, making detection difficult. “Paid to read” rings with hundreds or thousands of members each, all of them pressing PC mice over and over in living rooms and dens around the world. In some cases, “clickbot” software generates page hits automatically and anonymously. Participants from Kentucky to China speak of making from $25 to several thousand dollars a month apiece, cash they wouldn’t receive if Google and Yahoo were as successful at blocking fraud as they claim.

21 Signs You’re Addicted to SEO

With all the “Top 10 this” and “Top 20 that”, it takes a lot to get me to link to a new list. Matt McGee deserves the link for his funny “Top 21 Signs You Need a Break from SEO” list.

Not only is the list very funny, with items such as…

3) The S, E, and O keys on your keyboard are broken.


5) When your son tells you he wants to go play in the sandbox, you fear you won’t see him again for eight months.

…but Matt also gets extra credit for the linkbait aspects of the list too. He manages to name-drop just about every top SEO out there – a sure fire way to get people linking to the story.