Posted September 8, 2006 12:42 pm by with 2 comments

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AP is reporting growing support for the creation of a Google-like search engine for tracking federal goverment spending.

A far-flung coalition of groups across the political spectrum supports the idea and their efforts were rewarded Thursday as the Senate passed a bill to build a Google-like search engine to allow people to track online approximately $1 trillion in federal grants, contracts, earmarks and loans.

Why not just ask Google to do it for them? It’s not like we need to worry about privacy issues, Google already knows more than the government anyway! 😉

  • I could have sworn there was a double top secret extra super hold put on this bill by Mr. “The Internet is a Series Of Tubes”

    I wonder how Google feels like about their name being used in this context: “Google-like”

    This will probably be the best thing to happen to political bloggers..”slow day…search the “google like” records and complain about the pork!”

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