Posted September 8, 2006 10:49 am by with 8 comments

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There’s an interesting referral battle going on in’s analytics. Both Rand and Barry linked to my Top 10 Business Mistakes Search Marketing Firms Make article. So far, has referred more visitors than 😉

For the week: = 316 referrals = 308 referrals

I obviously don’t believe Rand has more traffic than SEW, but it does suggest that his readers are more engaged than those that visit SEW.

I’ll let you know if SEW pulls ahead of SEOMoz. 😉

  • I gotta say that Rand’s site has the power of the social network (digg etc) behind him, that is why your stats are showing Rand in the lead.

  • Link baiter! 😉

  • LMAO – that wasn’t my intention, but now you mention it – we’ll just have to see. 😉

  • I noticed SEW Blog dropped their blog roll shortly after Danny Sullivan announced his resignation.
    I used to navigate from their blog to yours Andy.

  • I didn’t notice, what’s up with that? Maybe I’ll remove them from my blog roll and deny them of the two referalls I send them each day! 😉

    Barry/Danny, care to comment on behalf of SEW?

  • I know we don’t get their traffic levels – you can see our historical traffic at I think that many of the folks who read the SEW entry had already clicked over from SEOmoz, since we share so many readers and I announced it a day before they did. That’s my guess, anyway.

  • That’s a fair point. But looking at my logs, the day you posted it, I received 78 referrals from your site. The next day, SEW posted it, and you still beat them out 200 to 148.

    I still think that SEW’s audience is more passive – they read the blog just to get news and if they want to interact, they use the SEW forum. Your audience is likely more interactive.

  • Andy, I don’t know about SEW blog, but when Rand linked an article of mine, I got 800 referalls in the first day.

    Your 300 seem childish 🙂