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You may recall my interview with Wink CEO, Michael Tanne, back in January. Tanne sends word of a new look and features for the social search engine.

Tanne tells me new features include:

Collections – Wink Collections are a cool way for you to gather and share the best links on any topic. A collection can be about anything – hilarious videos, your favorite band, the best restaurants in your area, or research on a new gadget – you name it. You create a collection and add links to it and it shows up in search results.
Others can add links to the Collection – a great way for people to share what they know and improve search.

Friends – Wink is a social search engine. It’s all about sharing great information with people. Connect with your friends, and people you meet on-line. Find someone who’s expert in a topic you’re passionate about or who’s created an awesome collection – add them as a friend. Check out who finds the best links – and connect with people who have similar interests.

Bookmarks – We all need to keep track of sites we find so we can go back to them or share them with a friend. You can use the “Add to Wink” button or the Wink Toolbar (coming soon) to bookmark any site you come across, or bookmark right from the search result by clicking on the star. You can add tags or comments to help you find the site later. It will also help others find the site. Also, if you use, you can sync your bookmarks in both directions. And if you use Flock, you can choose Wink as your bookmark service by installing the Wink Flock plug-in.