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It seems ESPN is not happy with the quality of the ads Yahoo has been serving on the sports network, so the company is switching teams.

The young rookie, Quigo, is taking over the baton and poised to make a dash for the endzone by offering better targeted contextual ads.

According to ClickZ

Under the deal, ESPN will feature the Quigo text link ads across its site…advertisers will be able to bid on the text links by site, site section, keyword or topic through Quigo’s platform, or purchase the pay-per-click ads directly from ESPN. The sports publisher will most likely include three to five text ads per page, according to Dolman, who added Quigo ads will not appear on the site’s search results pages.

The trade helps Quigo a lot, effectively doubling the size of its network. I’m sure the shareholders are working on their endzone dance as we speak!

Not sure if I could have crammed any more sports references in that post. 😉