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By Aaron Smith

Let’s face facts our customers only care about SEO if it brings them business.

There are many times that we SEO’s get hung up on search engine position and the ensuing traffic that should generate from a top spot. This is all fine and good and is great for our own personal satisfaction but what does position and traffic really do for our clients? The answer to this question is simply, absolutely nothing.

I have worked on many sites that I was able to get listed is some really choice positions in several large search engines. This position also generated quite a bit of traffic for each one of these sites day in and day out. The only problem with this comes with the statement “If I have all of these hits, then why doesn’t anyone buy from me?” This is the point that I had a revelation; SEO doesn’t mean squadoosh without appropriate marketing strategies being implemented on the site.

There are a few important things that we forget when going about our SEOing on a client’s site. We forget that if the site is not appealing then their clients are not going to click to buy. We need to use a little psychology when helping a client out. Don’t be afraid to do a little research about the specific type of business that you are trying to promote. (other than just keyword research) I do this by asking myself a few questions.

· What colors drive the behaviors that this business needs? What I mean is red incites passion, and blue drives calmness, green sparks a thought of money so what does this business need to happen. A particular color scheme will really help drive the point of the site home.

· Have I made full use of a call to action in the Title? I have found that the greatest response for a site is if the site title is set up as a call to action. If I can spark the interest of a potential client from the search engine content then I can definitely get them interested in the home page content.

· Does this business need products up front or would they benefit from a more detailed description of their service? Many business’ need to have some products right up front to drive a customer to an order section of the site, while other business’ need to properly describe their service to merely peak the interest of the reader.

These basic questions provide the opportunity to really focus concentrated efforts on conversion AND SEO at the same time. Let’s be honest our customer’s don’t really care about how many hits they are getting. They may ask about hits because it’s what we have trained them to ask, but the real issue is “HOW MANY CUSTOMER’S ARE BUYING FROM ME?” This is why focusing SEO in a way that also touches customer conversion or marketing will ensure that your customer will end up with a solid position in search engines and will be pleased with the amount of contact that they receive from their site.

Once this is out of the way then I can start my normal process for SEO. Now, I know that some people may think that some of this is antiquated or more of the same but it does work none the less. I work the content to ensure that I have enough keyword saturation (and no I don’t mean blast the page with keywords). Starting the content then leads me in to Alt Tags, Text Links, Reciprocal Links, and the same old stuff that we do day in and day out. To be honest I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel, I am only trying to make sure that each and every customer becomes successful on the internet and I think that many times we lose sight of that fact.

Now I’m not saying that we need to all only focus on doing this or guarantee a certain amount of conversion for a customer, but what I am saying is that by improving a customer’s conversion rate we are simplifying the daily conversation, “You have blah, blah, blah, number of hits and that is great!”.

At the end of the day, position in a Search Engine takes a backseat in our customers mind as long as we can bring them a response from their site.

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  • Very well written and informative, thank you.

  • Very informative, makes you really think about the bottom line.. $$. I have sites myself and love to see how many hits but if its not productive as far as sales then it doesn’t matter to me how many people view it Just says they aren’t impressed with maybe not the product but how user friendly and Boldness that makes a sale. The food industry uses color schemes as well to make a person more apt to buy the product. I think that’s very insightful. All in All, I think it was also Very Well written and I wouldn’t hesitate to have you be in charge of my site with all the wonderful ideas you have presented.

  • Simple

    I never thought about that. You are right.

  • Danny Harris

    Awesome article!!Great, new ideas!

  • ShaunyBoy

    This brings a ray of light to previous incomplete thoughts

  • Amy T

    Great Job! Really good information.

  • I own a production company, so often I have clients that get caught up in hits, hits, hits – how many hits did I get this day, week, month. I gotta be at the top of the list – bla bla bla. Then its, “Why aren’t my sales up, do you know how much I’ve invested this month!!” – It makes me want to hit them over the head with a bucket. I want to say – well if you weren’t trying to sell warmed over dog poo then maybe your sells would be up! – Bottom line – I love your article – Aaron Says… As a matter of fact I might want to borrow this article and send it out to a few of my clients to say HERE – READ THIS!

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  • Mandie

    WOW Aaron!!! That was very informative, you did a really excellent job!!

  • Autumn Amick

    Aaron, I am really impressed. You really know your stuff! What you wrote really makes a lot of sense. You obviously have put a lot of thought into your subject matter. Good for you and I’m proud of you! Miss Autumn

  • Very well written; emphasis on the main focus, and supporting facts are appropriate, but don’t drag on. Great 🙂