Posted October 25, 2006 9:48 am by with 1 comment

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The Boston Globe has a quick observation – Google could be larger than Microsoft by 2010.

Meanwhile, SEO Black Hat looks at whether Google could up like Atari. Post is worth reading just for the last image…”moohoowahaaa”. 😉

  • Couple of things I wanted to comment on:
    1) MarketingPilgrim -> BostonGlobe -> A VC -> HipMojo… talk about bloggosphere activities! And now I’m expending on your post at

    2) I have developed my own theory of evolution, from IBM to Google. Think of “eras” as hardware, os, application, information… and a big extinction at some point!

    2) My thoughts are too long to put in a comment, but basically, if you think about “the tipping point” (M.Gladwell) and “the attention economy” (T.Davenport), it is clear Google will economically surpass Microsoft. The tipping point was reached around the second quarter of 2005!

    More detailed info is available on my own post at