Posted October 30, 2006 11:14 am by with 2 comments

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Good news for all you blog tracking addicts, you have a new weapon to add to your online reputation monitoring arsenal. Google has announced new Blog Alerts which allow you to track any keyword or topic of interest, or even your favorite blogger!

Here’s some examples.

— You want to know when anyone blogs about global warming.

— You like to track all Google mentions on Slashdot.

— You’re a bit obsessed with chocolate recipes on food blogs.

— You need to know when RottenTomatoes covers Will Ferrell.

— That well-known search pundit John Battelle seems to have a lot to say.

  • Mr.Beal, Doug Barger here. I am in agreement that this is good news for the Google News alerts and especially for the bloggers. I especially enjoyed
    the chocolate pie example.LOL.No it’s LOL I’ll get it right, I promise. It’s chocolate
    recipes on food blogs. I could hardly resist. This will not be my last visit to The Marketing Pilgrim as I am both a Pilgrim and a Marketer as well. Thanksgiving gives you automatic relevancy for Pilgrim,not to mention Marketing. Email me @ and tell me how we can help one another. You are welcome to join Google groups PowerPosition and post anything you please. Thanks for the Google News Alert Update, the quality marketing blog and I look forward to hearing from you via email, Doug Barger

  • Hi Doug!

    Thanks for stopping by, glad you liked the story.