Posted October 16, 2006 12:03 am by with 1 comment

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Another new sign of Google looking to better integrate its services. Google Analytics will now track sales via Google Checkout.

…you can now use Google Analytics with Google Checkout. Simply add a JavaScript call and a hidden field to each page that displays the Google Checkout button and you’ll be able to see conversions and revenue metrics for your Checkout transactions.

More details on using GA to track Checkout, can be found here.

  • Very interesting product from Google.
    Making it easier for the consumer allowing him to search for products right from his browser and making it easier for the merchant by giving him all kinds of analytical tools to track customer behavior apart from giving processing discounts on purchases. This is a Win-Win-Win situation..Wonder, if Google can rope in Amazon as a trusted merchant..Amazon might not want to do it because that would put in direct competition with other merchants…but, well you never know. Google’s reach is just too much to ignore.