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Right about now, Google’s Brett Crosby is revealing a new tool at the Emetrics Summit in Washington, D.C. Called Website Optimizer, it is designed to help AdWords advertisers test different landing pages in order to determine which one drives the highest number of conversions.

Multi-variable testing for landing pages is something that has become more popular over the last couple of years, as advertisers look to tweak different aspects of their campaigns – looking for that edge.

According to Google…

The beta launch of Website Optimizer is a limited release that is offered to AdWords advertisers on a sign-up and acceptance basis. Website Optimizer is fully integrated with Google AdWords and is free to AdWords advertisers…It is a self-service tool that enables non-technical users to set-up and run multivariate landing page experiments. Website Optimizer uses Google Analytics technology for tracking and reporting which landing page variation had the highest conversions.

It’s interesting that Google has decided to partner with companies that specialize in landing page design, EpikOne and Optimost, as an option for AdWords users looking for a hand with their ad testing. Both Yahoo and Google are starting to offer services and tools that agencies have been specializing in. By partnering, Google gets the approval of third-partner agencies, who might otherwise feel they are being squeezed out.

It will be interesting to test Website Optimizer and see how it compares to third-party offerings.

Timthoy Seward has more details of how Website Optimizer will work.