Google Code Search Indexing Proprietary Code?

CNET reports Google has launched a new web site, Google Code Search, which will allow programmers to search billions of lines of code.

The service, conceived by the Google Labs early technology group, will crawl publicly available code, most of which is made available through open-source projects. The search and indexing covers code on Web pages and code that resides in compressed files, said Tom Stocky, a product manager at Google.

Google hopes the service will be used only by students and serious programmers, looking for open source code. However, one of the quotes from Stocky, set off a small alarm bell in my head.

“Most of the code is open source so you can reuse it.”

“Most” of the code? Doesn’t that suggests coders could find copyrighted/patented code using Google Code Search? And if there’s a way, there’s a will. ;-)