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Tweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedInShare on Google+Share on FacebookBuffer this page has an interesting interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Schmidt explains the company’s strategy behind it’s recent partnership deals.

Each of them represents a different strategic thrust. In Dell’s case, if you look at the demographic of who they sell to, they’re heavy Google users, so they were a logical big partner for software distribution for us. In the case of MySpace, it’s generally well known that they are the breakout in social networks. Everybody’s moving to MySpace, basically. And all the numbers say that their growth rate is much higher than anybody else’s. They’re much, much larger than the others. Intuit has something like 80 or 90% market share of the stage that they’re in. Adobe has somewhere between 80 and 90% of their market space.

He also explains why Yahoo is a competitor, but Microsoft is not quite one yet…

…we compete with Yahoo all the time because they are the other company that has a targeted advertising network. And Microsoft continues to claim to enter the market, but we really haven’t seen them yet, they’re just getting started.