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By [removed at author’s request].

I love the internet. I just celebrated my 22nd birthday last week, and I already make more money than I know what to do with. I’m not trying to win this contest, because I’ll be at SES regardless, I’ve already bought Aaron’s book, and I have plenty of great research tools. Besides that, there is shortage of good SEO’s in the industry and I would really like to see someone with great potential but little resources go on to benefit from this contest.

I am writing this to the judges as more of a wake up call. You are all worth much more than you selling yourselves for. You have great brands, you are recognized, accomplished, and have a good track record. Fortune 1000 Companies, CEO’s, and decision makers all across the country have no idea how we do what we do, but they know that they need it. They need it bad.

In my experience, most SEO’s come from a background in programming or web design, or something like that. That’s great, but they don’t know business. I went to school for business, sales, and marketing training, then I realized the huge demand for SEM. I work with a real estate company that recently signed a 2-year contract that pays me $55,000 per month, plus a 15% share in the upside. That is good money, and I don’t even have a valuable brand name like all of you have. You need to start charging more, you need to find people with a sales background to learn SEO inside and out, and we all need to stop discounting what we know. In a CEO’s eyes, it’s worth more than you think!

On a completely random note, I think one of the best articles I have read on search engine optimization was on “Pull SEO�? by Mike Grehan. When I first read that article back in January, I completely changed the way I was approaching seo, especially for new domains. Offline and online are beginning to mesh more and more. If you can create a strong buzz around a new site it will jump right over the sandbox for sure. Who needs PageRank when you have the weight of the world pushing your site to the top? Link baiting 2.0 is going to get exciting!

I love talking about marketing and SEO. All I do is experiment and come up with new ideas that work. That is why people want me to help them, and my sales background is what makes them pay me so much to do so. Feel free to email me any feedback you have on anything I said whether it’s good or bad. Thanks!

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