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CNET looks at the complex task of actually making money from a vast social network site.

Social networks attract plenty of visitors but have had a tougher time attracting advertisers who may be wary of associating their brands with inappropriate content….New technologies are being developed to help make social networks more attractive to advertisers.

It’s a long article, so grab the coffee first. 😉

  • Hey Andy.
    Here’s a new social netowrk that you can make money from.

  • Zip

    Social Networks will only become more and more specialized. Or in other words Niche. offers some great tools for learning more about how these micro sites are actually starting to kick in money and how the future of the net is gravitating this way.

    Thanks for your tips above.

  • pretty cool, I personally use myspace to make money from.

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  • Social networks can make a lot of money. I soon plan on exploiting a few myspace loopholes to make some money out of it.

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  • Interesting to see ow this post is 2 years old and where we are with social networks now.

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  • Interesting that some people here are saying they make money through MySpace, I wonder how specifically they go about it.

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  • cool post, I’ve joined all major social network sites but finding large number of targeted friends or followers is a tough job. thanks for sharing!

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  • It’s all about having a big network!

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  • Very useful information Thanks

  • Just started using Facebook for marketing purposes. Only time will tell.

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  • Great article, didn’t even realize the date until I saw John’s comment above. A lot of marketers are leaving a lot of money on the table by not leveraging the power of Social Networking.

  • Sharon

    Some sites such as Judy’sbook and Gather began well…offering part of their revenue to members who were loyal and dedicated to the site. They even hired a member manager and staff to work with the members to keep everyone happy. Yet they didn’t have total faith in the those they put in charge of the “preschool” and refused to let those in charge of the membership put several trouble makers “on notice”, choosing instead to eliminate the postions entirely and let the “inmates run the asylum. In addition to taking a “hands off” approach to the site, they also chose to cut points earned by members and back off of perks they were freely offering months ago. Though the site is still up and running, many are reluctant to put as much time and effort into an article, image or video as they did before for mere pennies. Member management that members appreciate and whom have full backing from the site are the backbone of loyalty and return visits from members. Too bad some sites just “don’t get it” and choose to flounder their way throughout the social networking available.

  • Well, now so many people have mentioned myspace. I’m goin to try it out too!

  • Hello, I was thinking about how to make money from my social network, and I have created one and it seem to be working

    Thanks, Andy