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Google’s stepping-up its efforts to stop people from using “google” as a verb. They’ve posted a correct useage guide on the official Google blog, in an attempt to gently persuade people to not use Google incorrectly.

Usage: ‘Google’ as verb referring to searching for information via any conduit other than Google.
Example: “I googled him on Yahoo and he seems pretty interesting.”
Our lawyers say: Bad. Very, very bad. You can only “Google” on the Google search engine. If you absolutely must use one of our competitors, please feel free to “search” on Yahoo or any other search engine.

I applaud the attempt, after all, Google must show that it is at least trying to police its trademark – important, if you want to keep it – but with hundreds of millions of users, it’s unlikely they’ll win this battle.

Now, please excuse me while I go and google a story about some yahoo who went shopping after asking his webMD why he kept going (micro)soft. [groan]

  • Anonymous


    While you do that, I am going to pour myslef a bowl of corn flakes and then xerox some documents and FedEx them to my friend.

  • Anonymous

    I can hear Fozzy the Bear saying “Wakka Wakka Wakka”

  • Didn’t Google come out and say you shouldn’t use ‘google’ as a verb at all a few months ago?

    At least their self-appointed grammar nazis are easing up a little.

  • They did, but I think it was aimed at journalists etc. This post is aimed at consumers/users, so they’re trying to be a little less pushy. 😉

  • Don’t wanna end up like “kleenex” or “xerox”.

  • >>>>Didn’t Google….say you shouldn’t use ‘google’ as a verb at all a few months ago?

    Yes, to which Yahoo! immediately replied that they would love us to say we Yahooed, as in, “Andy, I Yahooed your wonderful new site on Google last night but it hadn’t been cached yet.”

    Of course, everyone says Yahoo when the real company name is Yahoo!; the exclamation being the difference.

  • Okay, so I just finished my comment when Jeanie Moss on CNN played her take on George ‘I like to like at my ranch’ Bush “The Googler.”

    While a Google spokesperson told the media that the President could call Google whatever he liked, I bet their legal team ordered the goon squad out because of the influence that the President’s recent comment can have.

    Now that I think of it, couldn’t the First Man watch a live high-resolution satellite feed in his situation room? “Make it spin Dick! Make it spin!”