Posted October 4, 2006 11:01 am by with 1 comment

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ClickZ reports on a LexisNexis survey that polled consumers on where they go to get the latest news.

The study finds half of consumers turn to network television for breaking urgent news, 42 percent rely on radio, about a third look to local newspapers or cable news outlets, and a quarter use the Internet sites of print and broadcast media. Blogs, Internet user groups and chat rooms are a source of immediate news for only 6 percent of consumers.

Of course, the survey doesn’t include details of how many “breaking news” stories start at a blog or forum, before being picked-up by mainstream media. So, while consumers may not turn to blogs first, you can bet that your NBC or Wall Street Journal journalist does! 😉

  • I there is a difference between breaking news, and the analysis of that news. Sure, people will find out about new news stories first on CNN or a major network, but if they’re really interested in digging deeper into a story, it’s blog time.