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I can’t tell you just how much satisfaction I get from helping a company understand its potential and benefit from my experience.

The icing on the cake, comes from feedback like this…

“I hired Andy Beal regarding a very specific set of problems my team was having… Within about twenty three minutes Andy spotted a few even bigger problems that I did not see, and within an hour Andy had a solution for each and every issue. Andy also gave me one subtle tip that will dramatically increase our profits!”

– Brett T. Smith, President, World Wide Internet Publishing Ltd.

Thanks Brett!

If I can assist your agency in developing its marketing services (search, blogging, CGM), please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • Was that “subtle tip” to write you a great testimonial so that you would post his link on your blog and give his site some link juice? 😉

  • rcjordan

    How about some NEGATIVE feedback from ME? Keep the advertorial posts in the right-hand column, if I wanted to read your megalomanic ramblings I’d have you send me a 4-color glossy brochure so I could throw it in File 13.

    *AND* you missed the roadshow, jerk! No less than 5 North Carolinians were there –3 from near you and said they know you but we let them in anyway.

  • RC, Sesame Street called and said you were infringing Oscar The Grouch’s copyright. 😉

    Remind me why I haven’t banned you from this blog?