Posted October 16, 2006 12:47 pm by with 9 comments

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I don’t normally ask you for help, but I figured you may be able to assist me with problem.

I’m trying to transfer a blog from Blogger to WordPress but I’m having problems with matching the truncation Blogger uses for the post page names. Blogger removes stop-words and also has a different character length to WordPress.

If anyone knows of a plugin or has written a script that can handle this, please contact me – consulting AT marketingpilgrim.


  • Andy – if you haven’t already, you might want to check out the WordPress forums on the topic of migration. There’s a lot of very talented folks there.

  • Thanks – Trying all options right now. 🙂

  • Have you checked out the page my name links to? It should have the info to help you

  • Sound like an opportunity for some tradeout 🙂

    Welcome to the wordpress crowd, Andy!

  • I followed this directions and it worked like a charm (that’s if you’re using WP 1.5; WP 2 has a better import feature); it’s using a rewrite rule to match blogger urls with wordpress permalinks.

  • Thanks guys. I’ve looked at those and they appear to work mostly with 1.5. The import is not the problem – that is done – it’s matching the page names from Blogger to WordPress without using a mod rewrite.

  • Sounds like a job for a PHP/DB guy. He/she should be able to write a little code that does a one-time rewrite of the URLs in the MySQL DB to match your current URL structure.

    Then, any new URLs/pages added will just take the form of the WordPress URL structure you use.

    Want me to see if my guys can do it? Shouldn’t be but a few hours or less worth of work.


  • Andy, you have great timing. I just wrote the blog post on the topic: Maintain permalinks moving from Blogger to WordPress. You should have no problem following my instructions, but if you’d like some assistance, I’d be happy to help.

  • I moved my posts from blogger beta to wordpress without using any plugins. I wrote instructions into my blog:
    It takes a few minutes and you do not need to use any plugins.

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