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While you were enjoying your weekend, the Official Google Blog was hacked and fake post uploaded.

A bug in Blogger enabled an unauthorized user to make a fake post on the Google Blog last night, claiming that we’ve discontinued our AdWords click-to-call test. The bug was fixed quickly and the post removed. As for the click-to-call test, it is progressing on schedule, and we’re pleased with the results thus far.

TechCrunch has a screenshot of the post.

I’m happy for Google, that they caught the offending post and removed it, but where does that leave the rest of us? Has the security flaw now been fixed? Should other Blogger users be concerned that their blog could be hacked too?

Google needs to post a more in-depth explanation and assure us that we won’t be the next target! I’ve asked for comment.

  • Tim

    I noticed the original post yesterday via my private RSS reading tool, but I figured it was a bug on my part as I built that tool myself…

    I recognized it wasn’t legit right away as the grammar was horrible. Small b: bloggers misspell stuff all the time, but that one was bad language let alone the misspellings.

    …and Google is no ordinary blogger – I’m sure they have editors, and lawyers, and PR staff, and owners, .etc who review what gets posted and they surely would have been better at catching such issues before such a post would get approved. I assumed so, anyway…

    Now, that leaves someone at Blogger/BlogSpot to blame. You are right, the fact Google is recognizing (but not even apologizing for) a bug doesn’t cut it and that shouldn’t be the end of the story!

    Let them explain how the rest of us can possibly feel secure about our blogs while their own blog is not.

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