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Tracking 404 Pages with Google Analytics

Switching blogging platforms has introduced me to some unique problems and some cool tools. One of the problems I had to find a solution for was tracking 404 errors using Google Analytics. As GA is a script based analytics tool, I figured I would need to find a new solution that used the site logs instead.

A quick “google” later and I discover Google Analytics has already thought of this problem and created a solution.

So, for all of GA users, here’s your solution for tracking 404 errors, whether you’re switching blog interfaces, or not. :-)

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  • monchito

    Why haven’t you applied this to this website?

  • Andy Beal

    I have. :-)

  • monchito

    no criticism, was just wondering ;) However, maybe i’m mistaken (probably :p), but i don’t see it in your code..? I mean, the urchinracker seems normal and does not contain a url of a 404 page or am i looking at the wrong place :p

  • monchito

    doh! rtfm … :p