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By Aaron Phillips

When used separately they are good, when used together they are even better! This article is how to achieve success with Press Releases using a technique that I have been using for almost two years.

The components include a well written press release + a special combination of keywords and Google Alerts (your new best friend).

What is Google Alerts? What it does is allow you to enter in keywords and subscribe to those keywords for email updates as Google finds news related to them.

Lot’s of people use this service and I have a secret ingredient that will increase the exposure of your Press Releases. At the bottom of each one of my press release I include a statement such as – “My company currently competes with Competitor A, Competitor B, Competitor C, ect…” Carefully selected and in moderation it will expose your press release directly to customers of your competition!

What happens next is amazing! Everyone that is currently subscribed to the keywords Competitor A, Competitor B, and so on receives my press release and a significant increase in traffic takes place. Google Alerts spreads my Press Release to the competitions customers with the end result being more traffic and more business!

Like Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans you need to be careful with the quantity and know when enough is enough! The one thing I suggest is using a simple and true statement that simple states a true fact such as “I compete with Competitor A”.

The moral of the story: Utilizing “Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans” (Competitor Names as Keywords in your Press Releases) will result in additional exposure, but utilizing too many may keep you up at night!

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