Posted October 31, 2006 8:37 pm by

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Just been sent news that Zunch COO, Johnny Thompson, has left the company and resurrected, a full service interactive agency.

  • Jeremy Luebke

    Seems like a familiar story from Zunch


    [changed your link – you were breaking my CSS. Andy :-)]

  • Yep, they’ve had their share of issues.

  • Old employee

    They are now going through another round of everyone leaving again due mainly to employees not getting paid or seeing this happen to others. Zunch Communications is trying to change names to Zunch Worldwide to hide from their past as well. They have lost, not let go, not fired, not had philisophical differences, but LOST over 15 employees in the last 6 months and that number is growing. I would stay away as they are a month to month business and barely what you can call a business!!!!

  • I use to work there

    That sucks.. they all seeemed to be pretty good guys there, i have nothing bad to say about the staff during my short term at Zunch, but life goes on.. i learned a lot during the time there.. I wish John all the luck he seems like a good guy… but everything was getting outsourced… when the brain left(Kinetic) the body couldnt survive