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I mentioned Saturday, an article that provided 21 link bait ideas for real estate agents. The authors at (disclaimer ~ they’re a client) have now released 106 different content ideas for Realtors struggling to find something to write about.

If you’re in the real estate business and are struggling with ideas for your blog, you’ll find juicy suggestions, such as:

8. Create an ebook. Example: “(Your name)’s Guide to Buying Real Estate in (your area). Make it a step by step guide to let your clients know exactly what it’s going to be like to buy real estate in your state.

53. 7 Reasons Why you Should Sell your Home during the holiday season (most agents would say this is a bad time to sell and the market slows down – you could be different and show them why to list with you now instead of waiting and possibly losing the business to another agent)

66. How does the close of escrow process work? (talk about the general closing process and then things that are specific to your market or state/local laws)

92. Compare services of local phone, internet, cable, and satellite providers. Ask your readers for feedback; ask the companies for their pricing and customer satisfaction ratings; and find out what services are offered at which prices. Do a comparison chart and allow readers to comment on their experiences.

It’s a great list and worth reading, even if you’re not in the real estate industry.

  • I have read one by one all those blog ideas and I get so much data and information in it. I would try to used many of them to improved my blogging at the same time improved my site as well.

  • I just bookmarked this blog. I have been having a difficult time thinking of what to say in my real estate blog. There are so many good ideas here. Thanks!

  • as old as it is, this was still very helpful to me

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