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I’ve been working with, providers of SEO and blogging services to real estate agents, and they’ve put together a great article called 21 Keys to Link Bait Success.

It’s the first of a two-part series, designed to help Realtors attract visitors to their web site, and it’s jammed full of great ideas anyone can benefit from.

  • Thanks for this, Andy. My mother is a realtor and she doesn’t understand the importance of SEO nor does she understand the importance of her website’s presence on the Internet (her domain name is absolutely stomach-churning from an SEO standpoint). Although I have been trying to help her optimize her site, she is more concerned about letting it stay in the hands of the company that designed it, although they do nothing for SEO and her site is literally invisible in the SERPs. I have passed this information on to let her know that if such an article exists, there is a lot of competition and she needs to take action because having a web presence alone will not get her new business.

  • Cool, glad it might help. Working with, I’ve come to appreciate just how seriously some agents take their SEO.

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  • I always had a hard time understanding what link baiting was. Your blog post was perfect. Where can I find more of your great reads?

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  • thank you for the article.. i list the top 7 link baiting guides.