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Microsoft just made it easier for your visitors to search your web site and find what they are looking for. The Live Search Box has a pretty interface, using a floating DIV tag to display the search results.

When the user enters a query, the search box dynamically builds a floating <DIV> on your page to display the search results. You can customize the query in the first tab to search your site, your macro or anything else, while the second tab will return general web search results. The floating <DIV> will position itself appropriately, whether you decide to place the box on the left, right, top, or bottom of your Web site.

Here’s how it looks.

  • Jeremy Luebke

    I love the concept because the visitor doesn’t have to leave the page unlike Google’s CSE. Unfortunately, until they let me have a piece of the action with the PPC running on that page, I am unwilling to use the system.

  • HHH

    I want to implement it in here:, but inlike Google solution, Live doensn’t pay me for this ADV of their search )).

  • jason pilgrim

    I love it to, thanks.

  • Interesting piece of information there 🙂

    Most of the microsoft products are geared towards ASP, or ASP.NET technology. Even MSN is .NET based.

    I would like to know if this functionality can be incorporated within ASP, ASP.NET, PHP based or any other website.

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