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If you’ve ever wondered whether your blog is on the “A-list” or “D-list”, Kineda has put together a delightful piece of linkbait that tells you exactly that.

Using the number of links in the last 6-months at Technorati, the tool calculates whether you’re the shizzle or not.

Of course, it could be rigged to show everyone as an “A-lister” just to get bloggers linking (like me). Anyway, I make the A-list..

A-List Blogger

Does this mean I can start telling the whole world how they should blog? 😉

Via Nathan.

  • DazzlinDonna

    It’s not rigged. Shows me as a B-List blogger, which matches the Technorati categories.

  • Shimon Sandler

    That’s a nice piece of linkbait. Hey Andy, I always thought of you as an A-lister anyway;-)

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