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Week 4 of our SEM Scholarship contest has concluded and we have our fourth and last finalist.

Congratulations to Ben Wills who wins the third round with his entry – “The Five Pillars of Social Media Marketing“. Ben’s entry carried the most unique views of all our entries in week 4, with a huge total of 1,153 unique views to his page, winning by 400 unique views! It was a close battle again this week, with a couple of entries making a mid-week challenge to Ben’s, but his entry had the stamina to attract views all week.

Ben wins a copy of “Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Dayâ€? and “Please Ring Bell for Serviceâ€? and qualifies as one of four finalists, who will face our expert panel of judges, to determine who will win the $6,000 grand prize package.

  • Joost de Valk

    Hmm it’s a shame :) Congrats to Ben though :)

  • Steven Bradley

    Congratulations Ben. Sorry the rest of us couldn’t give you more competition. I hope we’ll hear some of how you did it. I’m sure we’d all learn something.

    Good luck in the next round.

  • Martin Muehl

    Congratulations Ben, great article!

  • David Temple

    Congrats Ben, great job. I enjoyed reading your article. Now I’m going back and studying it a lot closer. Best wishes in the finals.

  • Ben Wills

    Awesome! Thanks for the great feedback, all :)


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  • ScottW

    Congrats Ben!

  • welcomeinindia

    Really Good to know all about SMO.