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Aaron Wall, Jeremy Shoemaker, Dave Taylor and Lee Dodd have announced they’re going to be running a two-day internet marketing retreat for anyone interested in SEO/M and Blogging.

The retreat gives attendees a chance to work with the guys in a more hands-on setting, but it’s not for everyone.

This event is very exclusive and has limited availability. Attendees will be chosen by an application only process. The purpose of this event is to take your business to another level. Bring your business plan or current site objectives with you and we will help you optimize your business structure. This would definintely benefit you to bring your team or just your coder so you can work together on what you learn.

There are only 35 spots and a seat will cost you a whopping $4,850 – which would net the lads $170k if they sell-out, not a bad 2-days work – but it’s worth it to sit down and spend two days with these guys.

This is probably a good option for those that have exhausted Search Engine Strategies and PubCon, but are not quite ready to hire a dedicated search marketing coach.

  • skore


    Andy – accidental or your nickname for PubCon? 😉

  • LOL, thanks. Fingers are faster than my brain, just ask Kim Krause Berg – if she had a nickel for every time she found a typo on my blog…

  • Thanks for the note, Andy. We figured that if someone were to pay for the four of us to focus exclusively on their business ideas for two days, well, let’s just say that it’d be quite a bit more than the ticket price for the event.

    We also really, really didn’t want to have yet another “pitchfest”, as is so darn common in the marketing space.

    So are you joining us? 🙂

    ps: You misspelled my last name on one of the tags for this article too.

  • I’d tremble in your collective presence! 🙂

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  • I just found this site and bookmarked as a favorite. Hope to attend this extremely valuable conference soon! Where have you been!