Posted November 24, 2006 11:13 am by with 2 comments

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Google has deep pockets, and is certainly not afraid to use its war-chest of cash to take on PayPal. Hitwise reports Google Checkout’s $10 off $30 promotion (and the just announced $20 off $50) is helping the company to buy its way into the online payment processing market.

Its market share of visits was up 30% in the past four weeks (week ending 11/18/06 vs. week ending 10/21/06), and soon it should rank in the top 20 Google properties.

While PayPal gets 70% of its traffic from eBay, Google Checkout is casting a wider net with its partner network. Here’s where Google Checkout is getting its traffic from…

  • I am sticking with PayPal for now… When I signed up with Google Checkout it did not look like I would get the money put directly into my account, it has a delay of a day or so. PayPal is instant and I like that! Wonder if Google will try to buy out PayPal.. Hmmm…

  • Yeah, there is a two-day delay, but free processing is hard to resist.