Posted November 15, 2006 10:58 am by with 2 comments

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Just last week, Google CEO Eric Schmidt denied there was any truth to the rumors that the company would set aside $500 million from the YouTube deal, to protect against any copyright infringement suits.

Today, we get one more example of why you can never truly take what Google says at face value. While Schmidt didn’t lie, we learn he was very careful in his reply, as Google has in fact set aside $200+ million for such law suits.

I’ve said for many years that statements such as “we have no current plans” or “we do not intend” have no weight, when coming from Google.

Now, of course, every video publisher knows they can sue Google for copyright infringement, safe in the knowledge there’s a cool $200m to share.

  • jerry

    What they need to do is put aside monies for those who own domain names and copyrights. Google has gotten bold enough to sell sponsored links on a keyword domain search (ie if you search for you’ll see many websites who pay to be @ the top of that page. We should get a piece of that action too

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