Posted November 24, 2006 11:22 am by with 5 comments

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Andy Boyd has spotted Google Blog Search results slipping into the normal search engine results.

After a couple of searches tonight I found that after the top 10 they were listing recent posts from Blog Search, which I think is new.

Here’s the screenshot.

  • Finally. It’s about time they incorporated blog posts into their Web Search. Maybe Y! will follow the lead.

  • Google has been showing blog posts for months. It’s dependent on traffic and topic. I had an article about XHTML several months ago that showed at number two while it was getting traffic; it’s since dropped. However, most of the search results for XHTML, web standards and the like are – still – blog posts. It’s subject driven.

  • Hi Sean, Google has always included blogs in its main index, but we are now seeing specific section that say “Blog posts about x”. Have you see that before?

  • Silly me, I didn’t know that I could enlarge Andy Boyd’s screenshots.

    Nope. I haven’t seen that specific section for blog posts. Funny thing. Search “tea” or “FSB” and the specific sections for blog posts (as seen in the screenshots) are gone; Google experimentation.

    Personally, I cannot see any benefit for a specific section except that Google is attempting to justify its Blog Search Service by including it into the main index results.

  • What they really should do is give us a one click way to view blog results for the search we just did (like you can for news…). Plus they need to improve blogsearch itself. But even as it is I find it useful at times.