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Robert Young certainly thinks so. He suggest that Google will soon become the equivalent of an operating system for advertisers.

Just like Microsoft’s Windows (or any other OS) manages all the hardware and software resources of a computer, Google’s Ad/OS will similarly manage all the critical components of an ad campaign, regardless of media type…Google’s Ad/OS will be used to manage and buy ads at many of the top new media publishers like MySpace, YouTube, AOL, Ask, and Google itself, of course, along with hundreds of thousands of blogs.

It’s an interesting observation and one I don’t disagree with. Young goes on to quote ad executives who believe…“as long as they don’t develop their own content, we think we’re safeâ€?.

Considering Google has the means to drive down the cost of advertising, and ad agencies make their money on percentage of ad-spend, I would hardly consider them to be “safe”.

  • I am in total agreement… I believe that Google has been an advertising platform for several years now. Think of all the different types of promotion services they offer… very little of which is based on Google’s own content.

    Other people (websites and visitors) provide both the input and the output… Google merely facilitates the transactions.

    I just blogged about this yesterday… please let me know your thoughts.

  • Thanks Helen!