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I’m sure someone like Robert Scoble would be all for the UK’s Press Complaints Commission’s suggestion that bloggers should hold themselves to a voluntary code of conduct, but I say “hell no!”

The BBC is reporting the Press Complaints Commission director, Tim Toulin, suggested the idea.

He said a voluntary code of practice would allow content to be checked without government involvement, stressing: “We’re not in favour of regulating the internet. The flow of information should not be regulated by any government.”

It shouldn’t be regulated by anyone or anything, period! If you want to go ahead an keep professional journalists – those that report for newspapers etc – on a tight leash, go ahead. But, how in the world do you apply standards to bloggers, when they range from 13 year olds talking about the teacher they hate, to retirees who happen to favor a particular political party.

Try herding cats first. If you get that done, then come back to me about a voluntary code of conduct for bloggers.

  • Disillusioned

    Join the voluntary code free zone by adding the badge to your website. You can find it here . Please pass it on.

  • Jim Kukral

    This just proves the Brits know how to link bait just like everyone else :)

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  • jonny961


  • Dario

    What happened to freedom of speech? Err… freedom of bloging? 😛

  • Özel Ders EÄŸitim Kurs

    Thanks a lot Andy, we definitely need more people around that supports freedom.