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The blogging purists of the world will wince when they discover yet another launch of a service that pays bloggers to write about a certain company or product.

Steve Rubel has the barest of details on which appears to take a slightly different post to the likes of

There’s not much to be found on the LoudLaunch web site either…

Loud Launch is building a smart platform which connects savvy advertisers with influential web personalities (bloggers).

We are excited to tell you more soon, so please sign up to be notified when we launch. You’ll love whats coming…get paid for doing what you already do!

The one way that I see being of value, is if they can attract experienced bloggers willing to help start a brand new blog that will benefit a single company. Many companies are interested in starting a blog to indirectly promote their company or product, but they don’t have anyone on staff. If LoudLaunch (or another) could focus on meeting that need, they could have a huge business.