Posted November 10, 2006 9:36 am by with 4 comments

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If you’re hosting your blog at, your grand plan to make lots of money from, just came crashing down around you.

According to an email received from WordPress, joining PayPerPost is not allowed if you use their free hosting.

Here’s the email…


It has come to our attention that you may be involved with PayPerPost.
This breaches our Terms of Service.

– every post that has any connection with PayPerPost is removed immediately
– the blog is removed with no chance of it’s return

If you choose to remove the posts your blog will be checked and if there
remains any doubt then we will remove it.

Do not ignore this email.
Action will be taken in 7 hours from the time this email is sent

Via Scoble.

  • That has to be the most idiotic TOS I have ever seen. They want to tell you what ads you can & cannot run on a website. Now if word press was a paid service, without a free version that anyone can download and host on a $5 a month hosting plan, I could see this having some traction.

    If I used a free wordpress account, I would be moving it to my own hosting today.

  • I agree with Jeremy – Mad, mad, mad!… and in many ways it rubs against the grain of all the freedom of movement the Internet gives us.

    OK I host my wordpress blog privately, but I’m lucky to be able to afford a good host. How can others afford to get a hosting account if they can’t first of all earn from sponsored ads?


  • I totally agree with the first two persons who commented. It’s really ridiculous!

  • I’ve written about PayPerPost and why it will kill any blog here. PayPerPost is definately something that should be avoided.

    Mar Matthias Darin’s last blog post..Police State 2000: Total Enslavement