Lycos Asks for Help with Powering Search

A couple of days back, Lycos and announced a new partnership will provide branded algorithmic search, including Web Search, Image Search, and Zoom Related Search, as well as the Ask Sponsored Listings advertising product across the LYCOS Network.

MarketingSherpa Acquired by MarketingExperiments

MarketingVOX, reports MarketingSherpa has been acquired by MarketingExperiments, so we’re passing on the news to MarketingPilgrim readers. ;-)

Video Ads Annoying, Yet More Technology Arrives

MarketingVOX reports on two different stories related to in-stream video ads.

First, Forrester Research discovered 80% of video viewers find pre- or post-video ads to be annoying and 75% of them ignore them.

That’s not the best of news for Atlas, which just launched a new product that allows marketers to publish in-stream video ads.

Well, I seem to recall studies that claimed many web users hated banner ads, yet they still click on them. The challenge has been and will always be, show me something targeted and of high quality and it will be less annoying.

Scoble Meets the Google Reader Team

Robert Scoble is settling in to his new role at PodTech and, as part of his ScobleShow, interviewed Nick Baum and Jason Shellen of the Googler Reader team. It’s a great interview with a valuable insight into Google Reader.

Not that I am copying Scoble, but I’ve also just made the switch from Newsgator to Google Reader. So far, I’m loving  Google Reader but would love to know if there is a way to re-size the left menu…anyone?

Amazon Launches PPC Ads

Amazon’s realized that it’s about time it launch its own sponsored search product for With the beta launch of Clickriver Ads, Amazon will offer pay-per-click advertising using the “bid + performance” model made popular by Google and soon to be adopted by Yahoo.

Clickriver Ads provides the opportunity to advertise services and products that complement the selection on, via sponsored links that display on search result pages and product detail pages. With this advertising program, you can engage online shoppers during the entire shopping experience — as they shop, browse and search on

We welcome service providers of all types to apply to join the Clickriver beta — in travel, finance and investment, training and education, entertainment, insurance, healthcare and physical fitness, IT assistance and consulting, photo printing and more. We also welcome retailers, who want to advertise products that complement those sold on, to apply.

Welcome New Sponsor – Handy Recovery

If you’ve ever accidentally deleted content from your computer or suffered at the hands of a virus attack, you may want to visit our latest sponsor – Handy Recovery.

This great little tool will recover files – even if deleted from the Recycle Bin – and allow you to browse the content on your hard disk and find deleted files and folders that can be recovered.

On a technical note, Handy Recovery works with most Window’s OS’s and can even recovers lost images from CompactFlash, SmartMedia and other cards – just in case you lose little Timmy’s birthday photos.

Handy Recovery will hook you up with a free 30-day trial version and if you like it, it’s only $39! A bargain!

Google Launches New Version of Mobile Gmail

Google’s hoping to encourage more people to access their Gmail account via their cell phone, with the launch of a new downloadable Java application.

The new software will work on any of the 300+ Java-enabled cell phones in the United States and promises to offer a better interface and easier access.

CNET reports

In addition to being faster, Gmail for Mobile Devices maintains Gmail functions like threading and search, and adds mobile-specific functionality such as the ability to press a button to make a call to someone who sent an e-mail. People can also view attachments, such as photos, in an optimized full-screen format.

You can see the full list of compatible phones here. To download, point your phone’s browser to